What's my Password? Customers Ask the Simplest Things

Analysis of Banking Live Customer Service Requests from an AI Perspective

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With the surge in remote and digital engagement during COVID, credit unions and banks often don't realize how much effort the live call center is spending on simple requests.  In this 30 minute webinar, Finn AI shares research results documenting what users call in about, where live human support is valuable, and where a conversational AI chatbot could provide faster member and customer service. The data, comparing both live and chatbot service patterns, identifies where use of digital automation increases the availability of live, personal service for the customers who need it most. 


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Don Bergal

Head of Growth, Finn AI

Don Bergal is Head of Growth at FinnAI, driving the adoption of conversational AI across the banking and credit union industry. Prior to FinnAI, Don was a Senior VP of Marketing at Temenos, the global digital banking leader, and Chief Marketing Officer at Avoka, a leading pioneer of digital customer acquisition solutions for banks and credit unions before being acquired by Temenos. Don's research and case studies on digital banking topics have been published worldwide. He earned a BS in Engineering from University of Michigan and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.  

Dr.Ken Finn AI

Jamie Lynch

Head of Solution Architecture, Finn AI

Jamie is the Head of Solution Architecture at Finn AI, focused on supporting data-driven purchasing decisions. His experience is in delivering AI-powered software to the financial services industry, previously with Eigen Technologies, a UK-based startup.

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