AI Self-Service for Banks & Credit Unions

30 Minute Demo Session: June 29th, 11am PT/ 2pm ET

The genie is out of the bottle when it comes to delivering new levels of digital service. Customers are increasingly turning to chat, text or messaging apps instead of a phone call. 

Genesys & Finn AI have partnered to help banks and credit unions adopt AI to deliver convenient self-service. We'll cover: 

  • Demo of the Finn AI banking chatbot integrated with Genesys
  • Unique data on what customers call about and where to start with AI-self service
  • How Covid has changed consumer's service expectations
  • Practical tips for adopting AI self-service for Genesys Cloud and Engage Customers

If there is anything else you'd like us to cover, email advance questions at and we'd be happy to cover them!



If you can't make it, register anyway and we'll send you the session for on-demand viewing!


David Porter - Global Financial Services Director, Genesys

Jake Tyler - Co Founder & CEO, Finn AI

Jamie Lynch - Product Manager, Finn AI