Why Most Chatbot Projects Fail

December 11th, 2019 11am PST | 2pm EST

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In this webinar, our lead Data Scientist, Dr. Kenneth Conroy, will be exploring how banking chatbots have failed to live up to their enormous potential. We’ll explore examples of shortcomings, as well as discuss best practices for delivering a best-in-class experience for your customers. Attendees will come away with new ideas on how their credit union or bank can leverage Virtual Customer Assistants to create compelling experiences for their members and customers.

During this Webinar we will cover the following:

  • Why chatbots have failed to live up to their enormous potential
  • Explore examples of shortcomings
  • Discuss best practices for delivering a best-in-class experience


Michael Finn AI

Dr. Ken Conroy

VP of Data Science, Finn AI

Dr. Kenneth Conroy is the Vice-President of Data Science at Finn.ai, an award-winning, AI-powered personal banking, and financial management assistant. Leading the development of Finn’s top proprietary NLP system, the technology built specifically for global tier banks and credit unions enables large financial institutions to have intelligent, and engaging natural conversations with their banking customers to perform simple banking transactions. Dr. Conroy received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Dublin City University in Ireland. He specializes in machine learning, natural language processing, and sensor data management. 

Dr.Ken Finn AI

Michael Whang

Account Executive, Finn AI

Michael is an Account Executive at Finn AI, North America’s leading AI-powered Banking virtual assistant platform. Michael works specifically with credit unions and banks to deploy virtual assistants that reduce support costs, improves self-serve capability, and help deliver financial well-being initiatives. Michael’s vast technical knowledge of the products and the benefits that they provide make him a great thought leader in the banking virtual assistant industry.

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